Friday 11 March 2011

Installing org-googlecl.el on Windows

Here is how I installed org-googlecl.el (found at onto my Windows 7 box at work.

  • I droped the el file into my emacs extentions directory
  • I added the following to my .emacs
(setq load-path (cons "C:/emacs/org-googlecl" load-path))
(require 'org-googlecl)
(setq googlecl-blogname "Technology and Me")
(setq googlecl-username "my google username")
(setq googlecl-footer "") ;;Add no footer
(setq googlecl-blog-exists t) ;;Ask me if the blog exists before posting
(setq googlecl-list-regexp "\\(.*\\),\\(http.*\\),?\\(.*\\)$") ;;update the reg-ex for listing (see below)
python c:\python\26\Scripts\google %*
  • Once the google command was working I found that the org-googlecl-list-blogs was not running.
    • The problem was that the regex was wrong as I had not added any tags to my posts. So I updated the googlecl-list-regexp to account for the missing ,
  • The final tweek is that the quoting was wrong for windows on some of the commands so I changed it to match the windows style within org-googlecl

Testing org-googlecl

Just installed the org-googlecl emacs module. Hoping it will mean that I will blog more than once a year :)