Wednesday 12 August 2009

Emacs 23 - impressions

I am still waiting for Emacs 23.1 on my FreeBSD home laptop. However I am using Emacs 23.1 on my Windows machine at work and am loving it. The main things I am noticing are:
  • The horizontal split when a new buffer is created for something like a *compile*
  • The unicode support is much better, I no longer get the unicode "dot" at the start of a file saved by someone with Visual Studio.
  • M-x butterfly - this is the sort of stuff that I love about Emacs, is it a hard core editor, yes, but it also wants to have fun!
I am yet to try the new daemon setting on the Windows machine, as I am still using gnuserv. But I don't really restart my machine that often, only on the day after update Tuesday really, so I don't really notice. So good reviews for Emacs 23.1, thanks to the whole team that have made it happen.

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