Wednesday 15 April 2009

Context Free Art

A few months ago I stumbled upon Context Free Art. It is basically a way of drawing images by using a context free grammar. The images on the site were pretty nifty, but after unsuccessfully compiling the source I gave up forlorn that I would never be able to use a context free grammar to create images. Only to check back on the site every once and a while to see what new images others had created. Today I found myself with nothing better to do so I was going to give compiling the program another try. While seeing if I had the required libraries I had the brain wave to search every field in the FreeBSD ports website for "context". Bingo! A quick portinstall cfdg and I had it on my laptop. So now I am free to context free myself into odd fractal patterns. The moral of the story is that FreeBSD ports is a truly amazing tool.

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